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Trusted Home Repair Specialists in Detroit, Michigan

The Yellow Rose Builders, Inc. is composed of home repair specialists that provide excellent commercial and residential renovation services. Serving all of your home improvement needs since 1963, we have earned a reputation for providing 100% customer satisfaction. We also specialize in historic restorations ranging from classic homes to institutional buildings located throughout Detroit, Michigan, historic neighborhoods and downtown.

As the demand for our service grows, so did our family.  Let us introduce you to the valuable kinfolk who have made our business bloom.  

Although some would not be caught dead in the hats he chooses to wear, the truth is that Shawn wears many hats at The Yellow Rose Builders, Inc.  With more than 20 years of experience in the masonry field, Shawn welcomes all jobs. Shawn is passionate about restoring the Historical District in Detroit.

Ron has may years experience in electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling which makes him a skilled tradesman. For nearly a decade, Ron's hands-on experiences in these fields have significantly contributed to our excellent quality services.

More than 20 years of administrative, customer service, sales, and consulting are just a few of the qualities that make Bobbi a genuine dyed in the wool expert in the field of customer satisfaction, who is loved and respected by our customers and by all at The Yellow Rose Builders, Inc. team.

If you want the best of the best in drywall, plaster, painting and really any type of home remodeling, she can handle any job.  Brenda's willingness and enthusiasm working out the details for projects reflects in her reviews that our customer are confident that job's will done to their satisfaction!  Project standards MUST be achieved. 

A star performer in every aspect of the construction trade. You want quality?  You want true customer satisfaction?
You want a skilled craftsman who takes PRIDE in workmanship? They DON'T come any better - PERIOD!

Sterling specializes in brick work and many other facets of construction.  He has the level of expertise and professionalism to handle almost any type of construction with ease.  He is a well rounded skilled tradesman who is highly regarded for his customer satisfaction and results!

Gary is your go to roofing specialist in the Detroit Metropolitan Area who specializes in flat roofs, high pitch roofing.  If you have a leak that nobody else can repair, Gary will take on that leak, find it and FIX!!!  His experience with roofing is exceptional; he will take on any challenge and WIN.

Totally awesome!  He may be a youngster, but does he know construction. Any type of framing to do with home remodeling, he can handle the job.  Hmm, maybe it may have to do something with starting at the early age working with his family.  Ask Chris, HE can give you the answer ... take a moment to view all his positive reviews.

Bryan has over 20 years experience in commercial and residential construction. As one of our most experienced home repair specialists, he specializes in repairs for clay roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, new roofs along with siding | gutter installation and repairs, He is customer focused and results orientated.

Does the term "Matriarch" ring a bell?  How about 1967?  That is 42 years of customer service, accounting and payroll services that Lil provides with TLC.

Quality = DON.  He has been a presence in construction since 1963.  Quality, customer service and resolution is a priority!

Delivering quality service and a knack for solving the difficult problems in roofing.  Leon also specializes in any type of chimney services.

Improve Your Home from Wall to Wall and Floor to Ceiling

You don’t want to live in a damaged home. If you have holes in your walls, damaged floors, or a ceiling fan that won’t work, you don’t have to simply accept it. Depend on our home repair specialists in Detroit, MI, to address the problem. From wall to wall and floor to ceiling, we make sure your home is livable and loveable again. Not only are we certified home improvement contractors, but we also specialize in home restoration.

You’ll find that we go above and beyond to serve your needs. From installing new windows to repairing roofs and performing masonry work, we do just about everything to ensure your property looks beautiful. Add value to your property and improve the ambiance of your home with our help. We help you tackle the tasks that have been put on the back burner for too long.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and quote for your project. We proudly serve property owners throughout Detroit, MI, and the surrounding areas.